Design of the ‘Making Art with Autism’ book

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Ewa recently completed a book design for the New York Center for Autism Charter School. The 24-page book contains a compilation of the drawings by the students at the Center. The themes of the drawings are butterflies, flowers and tracings of leaves. There are also a few black-and-white butterfly images that were colored-in by the students. The book celebrates the creativity and the remarkable details of these art works. Few images were included showing some of the children drawing. Description pages of the works are in complimentary or accent colors of the works. The drawings were laid out full-bleed and some across two pages to accomodate the shape of the drawing. In few instances photographs of the butterflies were included for comparison.

We were very happy to contribute in showcasing these beautiful drawings.

The book can be purchased through Amazon, click here.

Adventures in letterpress

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Recently we took a letterpress workshop. We’ll need more practice with the metal type to say the least. It was really helpful to have the iphone to figure out the reverse order of type.